Our Experts

Southern England

We have a large network of Care and Equipment experts that span the whole of the UK and are at the top of their professions, covering all the specialist clinical areas including head, spinal, birth and orthopaedic injuries.  Our experts include Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Physiotherapists and Speech and Language Therapists, many of whom are Case Managers within their clinical work.

We insist that our experts maintain their clinical “day jobs” for a minimum number of hours per  month.  This is evidenced via their Clinical Currency Statement at the top of their CV.   You can therefore be confident that all J Webb experts are properly qualified to represent your clients’ interests.


Brachial Plexus Lesions inc. Erb's palsy EP
Burns B
Cancer (inc ind disease) C
Cauda equina CE
Geriatric G
Hand injury H
Head injury HI
Hearing Loss HL
Internal injuries II
Loss of services LOS
Mental health MH
Neurological N
Paediatrics PAED
Pain (Chronic) P
Palliative PC
Physical disability (inc amp) PD
Physiotherapy PHY
Pressure sores PS
Renal R
Respiratory R
Speech and language SLT
Spinal cord injury SCI
Spinal fractures SF
Visual impairment VI
Expert Specialism(s) Homebase
Lisa Alexander Specialism(s): EP, HI, N, PAED, PD, SCI, SF Homebase: East Sussex
Rachel Atiyah Specialism(s): CE, N, P, PC, PD, R, SCI, SF Homebase: Oxfordshire
Victoria Baker Specialism(s): EP, C, CE, H, P, PC, PD, SF Homebase: Devon
Karen Campbell Specialism(s): EP, B, G, H, P, PD, R Homebase: Berkshire
Pam Clarke Specialism(s): B, CE, H, HI, HL, II, N, P, PD, PS, VI Homebase: Oxford
Eleanor Clarke Specialism(s): HI, N, PD, PHY Homebase: Gloucestershire
Clare Emery Specialism(s): EP, HI, LOS, N, PAED, PD, PHY, SCI, SF Homebase: East Sussex
Sheila Evans Specialism(s): CE, PD, SCI Homebase: Bedfordshire
Kati Innes Specialism(s): EP, LOS, N, PAED, PD, SCI Homebase: East Sussex
Carol Kendall Specialism(s): HI, II, MH, N, PD Homebase: Buckinghamshire
Simon Murnane Specialism(s): G, N, PD, SF Homebase: East Sussex
Kate Phillips Specialism(s): MH, N, P, PD Homebase: East Sussex
Deborah Smith Specialism(s): EP, B, C, HI, N, PAED, PD Homebase: Hampshire
Joyce Tavengwa Specialism(s): EP, HI, N, SF Homebase: Bedfordshire
Kay Taylor Specialism(s): HI, N, PAED, SCI, SF Homebase: Bedfordshire
Lucy Weech Specialism(s): N, PAED, PD, PS, SCI Homebase: Hampshire
Caroline Wright Specialism(s): C, CE, G, II, P, PC, PD, R, R Homebase: East Sussex