We combine the collective clinical knowledge of over 80 experts with our highly skilled support team and innovative commercial solutions to deliver an industry leading service to solicitors with the most demanding injury cases.

Our Allocations Team understand that every case is different. They will help you to choose the most appropriate expert to write your report, and identify the best report type to suit your budget.

Our Workin Team will track every detail of your instruction to ensure that you will receive our work when you expect it. We are rarely late – over 98% of our reports are delivered on or before our promised deadline.

We provide helpful aids including an Expert Reference Tool to help you select the right expert for your case, and Sample Reports to show you our range of report options and prices. Deferred payment terms, if required, are also available.

You can find the reference tool, sample reports, and information on our deferred payment terms by logging into the Solicitors’ Area of our website.

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