Guideline Hours and Reasonable Timescales

Our Guideline Hours and Reasonable Timescales state the maximum anticipated time our experts will need to complete a piece of work, as well as the time it will take to deliver that work to you.  You will only be billed for the hours taken by the expert to complete the piece of work and you will not be charged for any time spent on correcting errors..  

Timescales are calendar days and are based on the date the instruction is received in the office.  If an expert has holiday booked when instructions are received, the timescales will be increased to incorporate the additional days.  Most additional work will be billable at our standard hourly rates.  If you believe your additional work instructions should not be billable, please notify the office immediately.  If additional work is required any sooner than the reasonable timescales below, our urgent rates may be applicable for any request that takes four or more hours to complete.

Current update 2024.



Additional Work Type Guideline Hours Reasonable Timescales


Minor report amends

1-3 hours

10 days




1-2 hours


10 days



Supplementary / Addendum report

(up to 3 new pieces of evidence to review)




5 hours



17 days


Revised / Updated report – Standard

(up to 3 new pieces of evidence to review and/or modest revisions to report due to date change)



Revised / Updated report – Substantial

(more than 3 pieces of new evidence and/or significant changes due to date change)


5 hours





75% of initial report writing time


15 days





28 days




Full Re-assessment and Revised / Updated report

(Assessment to be booked and completed within 14 days)




Same as initial report writing time



8 weeks



Comments report – Standard

(review and comment on up to 3 pieces of new evidence, or view and comment on surveillance footage)



4 hours


15 days


Comments (costs) report



up to 8 hours


22 days



Converting Slimline to Slimline Plus Care report



Converting Slimline Plus Care to Full report



Converting Slimline to Full report




15% of initial report writing time


15% of initial report writing time



30% of initial report writing time




15 days



15 days



22 days


Meeting of Experts


up to 12 hours



28 days


Response to Part 35 Questions


up to 4 hours


19 days



Court – Preparation



6 hours