Who are Jacqueline Webb?

We are Britain’s No.1 Care Expert provider, with over 35 years’ experience. Our nationally-based team of Independent Care Experts produces close to 1000 reports each year, mainly in relation to injuries of a catastrophic nature. We pride ourselves on the quality of our reports and the highly trained Experts who produce them. Our Experts are clinically current and at the top of their professions in areas such as head, spinal, birth and orthopaedic injury, mental health and palliative care.

Producing excellent quantum care and equipment reports is all we have done for 35 years. We understand the needs of the personal injury and clinical negligence solicitor community. We have designed our reports, support functions, and commercial terms with you at the forefront of our thinking.

We are a privately owned business, and our owner manages our business day-to-day. We are details driven, and we sweat the small stuff.  Our reputation is “Britain’s Number 1 Rehab Cost Consultancy”.  We try to live up to that every day.

Below you can find a little more information about our head office departments and the leader of each.

Our Head Office Team

Doug Lingafelter

Owner / Director

Ever-present in the day-to-day running of the head office, Doug exudes the personal yet professional image of Jacqueline Webb. He places great emphasis on quality over quantity and is driven to maintain Jacqueline Webb’s position as Britain’s No.1 Care Expert provider.

Contact: lingafelterd@jwebb.co.uk

Caroline Buckingham

Managing Director

Caroline joined Jacqueline Webb as Managing Director in October 2023. Prior to this, she spent nearly 15 years working as a personal injury solicitor with a prominent law firm specialising in catastrophic injury claims including brain and spinal cord injuries as well as complex orthopaedic injuries. Caroline’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the legal sector mean that J Webb is uniquely placed to provide an unrivalled service to both clients and experts.

Contact: buckinghamc@jwebb.co.uk

Jenny Duffield

Expert Team Manager

Jenny has been a presence at Jacqueline Webb for over 25 years. She leads our head office expert support team, clinical mentor/quality assurance team, and coordinates ongoing training and support for all our Experts.

Contact: duffieldj@jwebb.co.uk

Carrie Knight

Expert Selection Manager

Carrie leads our Expert Recruitment team. She is responsible for ensuring that we attract a steady flow of new expert candidates to support our growing business. Please contact Carrie with any questions about becoming an expert with J Webb.

Contact: knightc@jwebb.co.uk

Kelly Carter

Workflow Team Manager

Once a case is allocated, the baton is taken by Kelly and her Workflow Team. Think of her team as your backstop; they keep the case rolling on by supporting both you and the solicitor to achieve the most timely outcome on any additional requirements.

Contact: workin@jwebb.co.uk

Will Burger

Head of Allocations Team

Will’s team is responsible for the allocation of all new case instructions, ensuring that our clients get the best expert fit for their claimants. Will also produces our popular “Will’s Webb Wonders” publication highlighting short term expert availability.

Contact: allocations@jwebb.co.uk

Alice Rickman

Head of Report Production Team

Alice and her team make sure that every piece of work produced by J Webb meets our highest quality standards. The RPA team are integral in maintaining our reputation for excellence.