Non-Complex Claim Evaluation

A specific template to support less complex claims. We can save you time for a very modest fee.

Designed to assist you in quantifying the care and equipment needs of a claimant in cases which do not always justify a care report.  This report can replace the DIY schedule of costs so often undertaken by solicitors themselves in these more straighforward, lower-value cases.

Key Features

  • Quick turnaround within 14 days.
  • £600 plus VAT fixed cost.
  • No travel time as assessment is completed via telephone.
  • Past care, future care and equipment costing all comprehensively covered.

What we need for a quick turnaround

  • One medical report for condition prognosis.
  • A statement from the claimant and/or main carer.

What we don’t require

  • Extensive hospital notes or medical records.
  • Reports on liability.