Full Report

Our most detailed, comprehensive report designed for complex, high value cases.

Our experts carry out a detailed assessment via a home visit, Skype or the telephone. Each report is allocated to an expert with the appropriate experience to deal with each individual injury. Our experts are clinically current and at the top of their professions in areas such as head, spinal, birth and orthopaedic injury.

Points covered in our Full Care/OT Report

Highly detailed introduction and assessment sections, based on evidence from assessment and other medical/expert reports. Additional detailed narrative and costs on the following:

  • Past, current and future care (including therapies and case management if applicable).
  • Transport.
  • Equipment.
  • Miscellaneous – heating, holidays.
  • Housing/accommodation.
  • List of costs.

The benefits of this type of report are:

Watertight information to back up every aspect of the cost evaluations and recommendations made.

  • In depth care calculations and/or equipment costs.  Our experts have the ability to cover both these aspects within one report, or you may instruct us to produce separate reports for each.
  • Designed for complex, high-value cases.